Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Bunting And Gift Wrap

Beautifully Designed By Mod Podge Rocks

Paper Wreath :)


  • Sorry But The Original Link Is Broken:
  • One more home decor project you can do like a pro with a hot glue gun! Make a beautiful paper wreath using an old paper book and a foam wreath! Just roll the pages from the old book to make a cone and make several by folding several pages!
  • Now start gluing the paper ones on foam wreath and complete 3 dense layers, this will make you get with a beautiful paper wreath at the almost no-cost price!

Elf Pillow Cover

Beautifully Designed By ComfortsofHomeDecor

Embossed Clay Star Decorations

Beautifully Designed By Gathering Beauty

Turn Old Christmas Cards Into Paper Circle Garland

Beautifully Designed By Christmas Notebook

Turn Dollar Store Popsicle Sticks Into Gigantic Snowflakes

Beautifully Designed By Mom Spark


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