Translation For 'Turn Dollar Store Mittens Into 'Snow People' Snowmen'

Please note some words never translated properly and the English grammar is off but u can get the jest of it.

Now that the cold weather came, I sat down and went through our belongings in the winter. And like every year at this time, we also found that the babies outgrown everything, hats, gloves, coats, really everything ... The coats and caps were in better condition, of course we can pass, but the gloves are still so used up that with no what to do. Or at least it has not been because ever since Amanda's side saw the use of gloves is a further thinking very worthy idea, not regretted particularly the gloves wear and elalkalmatlanodását by outgrowth ...

(No good. If I'm honest, really looking forward already to the Gloves liberate ...)

And as the idea grew out of a small pair of socks below does not hurt, it was immediately at the time that in order to do well in the handicraft socks ... this is actually a very useful thing, let's face it :-)

So, now it is the happy moment when he finally hozzákezdhettem these gloves made ​​of morphs, so I laid out the most important ingredients: the one-finger gloves, half-socks, lentils / peas / rice, pressed paper balls, sticks, jars tires with black marker pens, instant adhesive, buttons and a few small items.

The gloves of csuklórészig filled it with rice (but of course, yellow peas and lentils can be used, or anything like that at home) tied off, and jars with rubber.
(Be sure to get the finger is charging.)
The papírgolyókba wooden chopsticks stabbed.

The chopsticks stuck into the gloves (rubber afford that much). The socks legs cut off, and also tied off the ends of these tires. The resulting "caps" I drew the characters head.
Anyone who has not received headwear, was from Eskimo hood :-)

Then kialakítgattam the final look of the characters: a felt-tip pen drew their faces glued buttons on their clothes, and all sorts of objects into their hands glued. 

Well, they were a couple of grown mitten gloves and zokniból ... a small reactions even I can not report because some of these figures the advent naptárjukba will go, so I'm not there, I could have them, but really, really hope that they will love them. :-)

U. i. For me this is the last, brown-clad eszkimólányka my favorite ... very tempting to keep it to myself ... :-) 

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