Saturday, January 15, 2022

3 DIY Chalk Paint Recipes ~ 4 Crafts & 3 Furniture Makeovers Using DIY Chalk Paint

The other day I was looking to buy some chalk paint and boy oh boy that stuff is so expensive. Chalk paint is an awesome product and it get it's name because it covers furniture and crafts projects with a soft, chalky patina that gives your furniture an incredible antique look and your craft projects a gorgeous Farmhouse look.

With some basic ingredients you can make your own so I went on an internet search and I found tons of recipes and basically there are three types. They are: 1. Plaster of Paris 2. Baking soda 3. Unsanded Grout (the three chalk paint recipes are below).

The one reason chalk paint is so awesome is because it requires no prepping or sanding. And you can paint outside or inside. It dries quickly provides a beautiful patina and your distressed projects come out looking wonderful with little effort.

Chalk paint applies smoothly and it dries quickly and it can be easily sanded down to make your piece have that farmhouse or distressed look.

How To Make One Cup Of Chalk Paint

There are two simple steps:
1..Mix the Plaster of Paris or baking soda, or unsanded grout and water together enough to remove all the lumps.
2..Pour the plaster of Paris for baking soda or unsanded grout mixture into the paint. Stir until all of the mixture is dissolved and there are no lumps.

Plaster of Paris chalk paint recipe
1 cup latex paint
1-1/2 tablespoons water
2-1/2 tablespoons Plaster of Paris

Baking soda chalk paint recipe
1 cup latex paint
3 tablespoons cool water
1/2 cup baking soda

Unsanded grout chalk paint recipe
1 cup latex paint
1 tablespoon cool water
2 tablespoons unsanded grout

I just love crafting with diy chalk paint because you can buy brand new stuff from the Dollar Tree or Dollarama and use diy chalk paint that you made yourself and change it into something else or make it better. You can make your own expensive designer store candlesticks by using your diy chalk paint and going to the Dollar Tree or Dollarama and buying dollar candlesticks. But by far my favourite crafts with diy chalk paint is using it with mason jars. Below is an example of four crafts using diy chalk paint and mason jars. I hope you enjoy them.

4 Crafts Using Mason Jars And DIY Chalk Paint 

Mason Drinking Jars
Labelled Spice Mason Jars

When you don't have a lot of money or you're frugal or you want to save the planet, it doesn't matter which one you are or if you're all above or none of the above refurbishing furniture with chalk paint is one of the most satisfying and awesome makeovers you can do. When you have an end table, coffee table or shelf that has great bones but it's ugly all you need is chalk paint. You can even paint chairs and couches. that's right you can paint material if you prep it right and add fabric medium to the chalk paint. I have chosen 3 makeovers below and one includes painting an ugly armchair. I hope you liked the selections and I know you're going to enjoy them.
3 Furniture Makeovers Using DIY Chalk Paint


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