Sunday, September 23, 2018

4 Delicious Halloween Recipes (Food Crafts)

4 Delicious Halloween Recipes

4 Baby Girl Shower Ideas

4 Baby Girl Shower Ideas
(original source known but the link has a similar craft you can use to make this pink chandelier)

DIY Lawn Coffin :)

The original post is broken but HERE 
is a similar one with instructions.



3 Baby Girl Shower Ideas ~ Dollar Tree Hacks

3 Baby Girl Shower Ideas
1. Giant 'Baby Girl' Blocks ~ Use empty boxes, pink tissue paper and make glitter letters from bristle board, glue and silver glitter.
2. 'Think Pink' Pink Nail Polish (original source unknown) ~ Just add a handmade tag to pink dollar tree nail polish.
3. Cupcake Onesie Gift Cups ~ Turn Dollar Tree items into this cute gift

Cute Baby Girl Shower Sweet Cones

Original Source Unknown
Use A Sugar Ice Cone, Pink Candy, Party Treat Bags And Ribbon To Make These Adorable Shower Treats


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