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Turn 4 Coasters Into Christmas Ornaments

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Waterless Snow Globe ~ Dollar Tree Hacks

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DIY Wall Christmas Tree Made From IKEA Fir Tree Fabric

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(the grammar may be off but u can get the jest of it)
Christmas Eve we do not spend in Vienna, but I still wanted a tree. A Christmas tree that you do not pour or dispose of. He was not allowed to be in plastic and he was supposed to be big enough to spread the Christmas spirit. So I had to be inventive and I sewed a DIY wall Christmas tree made of fabric.

Do you have a real tree this year? Do you want to save yourself the work and the dirt? Then my Ikea Hack, the DIY wall fabric Christmas tree is just right for you!
How to sew a DIY wall Christmas tree made of fabric:

You need:

    Fir tree fabric from Ikea (the motif is about 2m tall - I took about 2.2m)
    Sewing machine (mine is a W6 *)
    tape measure
    Bamboo poles 1,5m *
    strong cord
    Nail and hammer

Put about 2cm the Known of the side parts, pin them down and sew them tight with the sewing machine. Put about 1cm of the top and bottom edge, pin and sew them tight. Now put 5cm of the sewn fabric over so that a loop is created. Cut them off and sew them tight.
Insert the bamboo poles through the loops at the top and bottom of the fabric. Attach the cord to the upper pole - if it slides you can fix it with some glue so that the fabric will not wrinkle. Beat the nail in the wall, hang it up and you're done.

You can now just hang the tree or you can attach Christmas tree ornaments to it with pins. Is your tree decoration homemade? If you still have no idea which jewelry you would like to use this year, I have this year a special Advent calendar for you! I will show you a small, fast and super easy manual for homemade Christmas tree decorations every day! I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am! On 24.12. Will this tree be fully decorated

Chocolate Truffle Christmas Tree

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Cute Christmas Car Gift Wrap

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Dont Buy It, DIY It

Birch Tree Christmas Decorations And Garland

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DIY Grinch Bath Bomb Ornaments Using Acrylic Ornament Balls

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Use Dollar Tree Items To Make Your Own Festive Wine Glasses With Charms ~ Dollar Tree Hacks

  1. Miniature ornament wine charms are the perfect way for party guests to keep track of their holiday libations. 
  2. Simply hang an ornament onto a wire jewelry pin, bend the wire into a hook shape, and slide it around a glass stem. 
  3. These charms were made using one-inch ornaments, but you can always go a bit bigger or smaller.

Turn Dollar Tree Mini Ornaments Into Festive Hair Tie ~ Dollar Tree Hacks

• 4 mini ornaments (about 1 inch in diameter)
• Plain hair elasti
• Jewelry wire
• Wire trimmers

1. Cut a piece of wire about 10 inches long.
2. String the ornaments one at a time onto the wire. To start, center the first ornament and loop the wire around the ornament hanger so it won’t slide around on the wire. Repeat with the remaining ornaments, spacing them about an inch apart. Don’t worry, once they’re secured on the elastic, you won’t see the wire anymore.
3. Wrap the wire around the hair elastic, twisting it tightly several times so it’s secure. That’s it! via 

via The Good Stuff

Easy Sew Personalized Christmas Stockings

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