Translation For 'Knit Or Crochet This Adorable Little Bunny (free Pattern)'

 Please note some words never translated properly and the English grammar is off but u can get the jest of it. 

Knitted rabbit
Since approaching us year hare ,
I suggest you to decorate your interior that's so cute rabbits .

For him, you will need : yarn of any color , needles №2, a synthetic filler , two beads, 2 thread color ( the color of a yarn ) beautiful ribbon , scissors and needle .

1..Associate 15h15sm square size ( the larger the size , the greater the rabbit) . You can not just ordinary knit stitch, and choose other suitable pattern . Knit must be as close as possible to the filler did not get out . Then you need to flash the triangle mattress suture (thread in the color of the knitting yarn ), as shown in the figure.

2..At the center of the triangle to put a filler.

3..Tighten the thread to get the head , two eye and torso loomed .

4..Fill the body filler and sew its vertical front seam.

5..Make a pompom and sew it as a tail .

6..Two sewn beads as eyes and nose embroider . You can further decorate your rabbit ribbons and beads :)

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