Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Use Dollar Tree Clipboards As Photo Frames :)

Instead of displaying photos, A+ homework assignments or your child's latest masterpiece in frames, use inexpensive clipboards to show off accomplishments. Clipboards keep things looking spiffy, and it's a breeze to swap out papers. You could even spray paint them to match your decor.


DIY Drink Serving Tray Using A Dollar Tree Muffin Tin :)


DIY Lunch Box Ice Packs Using Dollar Tree Items ~ Dollar Tree Hacks :)


DIY Sticky Note Calendar :)

Up Grade A Boring Light Switch With A Dollar Tree Picture Frame ~ Dollar Tree Hacks :)

Make over builder-grade light switch covers with this faux fancy hack. Pick a picture frame from the dollar store that will blend in well with your wall color and switch covers. Attach the frame to the wall with adhesive putty for a bespoke, finished look.


Make Your Own Vintage Pennant Pillows :)

The original link is broken but all you have to do is sew the flag to some complimentary fabric or use fabric glue then choose the size of pillow you want, cut it out, stuff it then sew or glue the edges
You could also sew or glue the pennant to a pillow case, stuff it then sew or glue it closed...........Your choices are endless.

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