Sunday, July 2, 2023

10 Crafts, Dollar Tree Hacks, Smiles, Recipes, Furniture Makeover, Wedding Crafts, Garden Decor, Repurposing And More :)

  • Turn A Dining Room Table Into 2 Desks 
  • For a potentially awkward and/or dreary corner office space, you’ll be able to brighten things up in no time by upcycling an old table. That’s right. An old, beat-up table that’s destined for the landfill. Cut off the end (or ends, if you need two), fill in any cracks or gaps on the top itself, and then prime and paint. Mount the table end (a.k.a., your new desk) to the wall, and voila! A beautiful customized desk. Do two of them if you have two people working at the same time, or even if you’re simply looking for symmetry.

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  • Singer Sewing Machine Book Ends

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  • DIY Cupcake Stand

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  • DIY Mario Planter Box

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  • Pokeball Fruit And Dip Platter

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