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  • Use A Dollar Tree Pool Noodle To Add Comfort And Prevent Summer Burns On Your Outdoor Chairs
  • Facts about Metal Lawn Chairs.....Galvanized or stainless steel are the best options for outdoor furniture, as regular steel rusts and corrodes very easily when exposed to outside elements. Stainless steel, however, adds chromium to molten steel, which is resistant to rust and can be exposed to even salt water.

  • 4 Delicious Waffle Recipes The Kids Will Love
  • 1..French Toast Waffles with Apple Cherry Topping
  • 2..Doughnut Waffles
  • 3..Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Waffles
  • 4..Quick and Fruity Crescent Waffles
  • Facts about waffles.....Waffles have been around since the 14th century and people loved them then, too. The earliest known recording of a waffle recipe is in an anonymous manuscript called Le Ménagier de Paris, which was a set of instructions written by a Frenchman for his young wife. In it, the waffle-loving writer describes his own waffle recipe and even mentions an “iron”, leading historians to believe waffle irons were invented in the 13th-14th century. 
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  • Entertainment Center To Closet Makeover
  • Facts about Upcycling Furniture.....Upcycling reduces the strain on valuable resources such as fuel, forests and water supplies – and helps safeguard wildlife habitats. Upcycling reduces air and water pollution. Upcycling results in less hazardous waste production during the manufacturing process.

  • Turn Dollar Tree Clay Pots Into Buzz Lightyear
  • Facts about Buzz Lightyear.....During the early development of Toy Story, Buzz went through several iterations before Pixar settled on the one everyone is familiar with. Not only did his design evolve drastically from what was initially conceived, but his name did as well. Among the names that Pixar considered for their new character was Lunar Larry, which would probably not have been as memorable as Buzz Lightyear. Ultimately, the people working on the film turned to the history of space travel for the name, naming Buzz Lightyear after astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

  • Puffy Paint Mason Jars
  • Facts about Puffy Paint.....Puff paint, also known as puffy, tulip or dimensional paint, is a craft material used to add both texture and vibrancy to an item. Unlike other paints that have a two-dimensional look, this type has a raised, three-dimensional appearance.

  • DIY Dollar Tree Apothecary Jars
  • Facts about Apothecary Containers.....Common glass apothecary containers for crude drugs, ointments and liquids were among the many functional products made by skilled glassblowers, who might also create windows, drinking vessels, beads, and laboratory apparatus. Glass drug jars were not considered to have great monetary value and were fragile; consequently, such jars for holding oils, tinctures, and syrups once prevalent in German apothecaries of the 18th and 19th centuries are now very rare. The Bristol-Myers Squibb European apothecary has more than three-hundred glass containers.

  • Image Transfer on Glass Bottles & Jars
  • Facts about Glass Bottles.....Present day glass bottles are 40-50% lighter than the glass containers of those days. An excellent thing about glass containers is they are recyclable. Glass containers can be recycled multiple times without losing their purity. Glass recycling requires less energy than required for manufacturing new glass.

  • Farmhouse Style Container Upcycle
  • Facts about Farmhouse Decor.....While classic farmhouse style evokes homesteads with plenty of vintage furnishings and traditional fabrics, modern farmhouse style is a bit less rustic and adds more contemporary touches like a neutral color scheme and smooth lines. Modern farmhouse is all about mixing comfortable furniture with salvaged materials like.

  • Turn A Tide Pod Container Pumpkin Centerpiece
  • Facts about Tide Detergent.....Tide is the best-selling heavy duty laundry detergent in the United States today. Although a jug of Tide detergent costs approximately 50 percent more than the average liquid detergent, Tide outsells Gain, the second best-selling detergent, by more than double.

  • Use A Dollar Store Plastic Pumpkin As A Mold For A Concrete Halloween Ornament
  • Fact about the Jack o Lantern.....Halloween is the time of the year where all things spooky and creepy come out. In the US, traditions like pumpkin carving and trick or treating are the star of this occasion. But have you ever wondered why pumpkin lanterns are so popular during this season? In these jack-o’-lantern facts, you’d discover a whole new world of history, tradition, and present practices looped into one big holiday. This orange lantern ornament extends its rich history not only in America but also across the world. 
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  • Facts about Homework.....Homework gives parents a chance to see what is being learned in school. Homework teaches students how to take responsibility for their part in the educational process. Homework teaches students that they may have to do things.....even if they don't want to. Homework teaches students to work independently.

  • Pumpkin Witch Front Porch Halloween Decor Using Dollar Tree Items ~ Dollar Tree Hacks
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  • All you have to do for this crafts is glue 3 plastic pumpkins together and add a witch's hat. 
  • Facts about the Jack o Lantern.....In 1663, the term jack-o’-lantern refers to a night watchman who literally carries a lantern. An Irish folktale, Stingy Jack, was the inspiration of jack-o’-lanterns. Jack-o’-lanterns started as a prank of carved faces out from crudes but became a seasonal decoration in the 19th century. Halloween started becoming a celebration in the 1800s and it eventually became a popular occasion where jack-o’-lanterns get displayed. If you want the jack-o’-lantern to last to a maximum of 10 days, place it at a temperature of 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. 
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