Friday, December 7, 2018

Makeover Dollar Tree Clear Plastic Christmas Ornaments,~ Dollar Tree Hacks

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Translation from Polish to English

Winter baubles tutorial

How to do it?
Will be needed:
- transparent bauble
- transparent, medium-thick film
- scissors
- CD / DVD marker
- line
- salt

From the foil, cut the shape of a bauble with a diameter slightly smaller than a bauble. It is important that in addition to the wheel there is a "stezdzelek" there, thanks to which the foil circle will not rotate in the middle of the bauble.

On the film prepared in this way, we draw pictures at our own discretion. However, it's worth remembering two things:
- the lower edge will be immersed in salt so it will not be visible
- with a high probability you will not be able to cut circles with the ideal shape of a bauble, so it is worth not to draw anything on the edges of the foil

We fold the pictures in this way into a Roland and put them inside the bauble, in such a way that the previously mentioned "dzyndzelek" was in the place of the pendant.

Foil after inserting into the interior should develop itself, but if you do not want to do it, we can help her a little stick (eg for skewers).

The foil that we use should be medium thick - too thin will bend, too thick can not be rolled up and put inside the bauble or after rolling it will not want to develop.

We add a little salt to each bauble (not too much so that the bauble would not be too heavy). We put on the metal pendant again and decorate with a ribbon.

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