Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Types Of Apples

  1. Golden Delicious Sweet, firm, and juicy. Good raw or baked. 
  2. Rome Crisp, firm, and slightly tart. Holds its shape well when cooked. 
  3. Fuji Crisp and juicy with a mild bite. Tasty when eaten fresh or good in homemade applesauce.  
  4. Red Delicious Juicy, slightly tart, with a tough skin. Eat fresh (it breaks down and loses flavor when cooked). 
  5. Pink Lady Sweet-tart flavor in a firm, crisp package. Great fresh or baked. 
  6. Granny Smith Crisp and tart. An all-purpose apple especially popular for applesauce and juice. 
  7. Empire Very crisp and juicy with a sweet-tart finish. Eat fresh or use in cider. Loses its texture in pie and applesauce.

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