Wednesday, October 21, 2015

4 Ways To Decorate Your Halloween Pumpkins

1. Jack The Pumpkin King 
Carve The Pumpkin To Look Like Jack........Paint It White Then Put A Green Glow Candle Inside (or green glow sticks)

2. Day Of The Dead Pumpkin 
Paint The Pumpkin White Or Black, Cut Out Circle Eyes And Make The Mouth Resemble A Skull. Use Candy Core And Round Beads Around The Eyes Then Accent With Red Paint

3. Lantern Ghost
On White Paper Lanterns Make A Ghost Face Using Glue And Glitter And Add Ribbon Trim Made From Old Sheets 

4. Hanging Pumpkins
Place The Pumpkin On The Drip Pan Of A Hanging Planter Decorated With Mini Lights

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