Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Christmas Wall Tree Made From Branches

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Here are the instructions in English translated from German
(the grammar is off and some words arent in the proper place but you can still get the gist of it)

A creative wall decoration: Pickups gathered during the forest walk become the Christmas-decorated fir with Indian charm. Whoever still has them with parcels has a very individual advent calendar.

This is needed
  1. 8 branch pieces (10 to 48 cm long)
  2. Self-drying modeling clay (white, approx. 200 g)
  3. Noodle wood
  4. Acrylic base paint (white, pink and red, 25 ml each)
  5. brush
  6. Nylon tape (0.50 mm ø)
  7. Red cord
  8. 2 cookie cutter (star shape, different sizes)
  9. Knit needle newspaper

1) Paint the branches with a paintbrush and brushes with colored stripes and patterns, leave to dry.
2) The size of the painted wood is intersected with the nylon band and hung up.
3) Roll out the modeling clay with the rolling pin approx. 6 mm thick. Cut out several stars, with the needle pin one hole each and let it dry. Tie some red cord to the stars and then hang on the wooden tree.

Small tip: You can also cut stars from the modeling clay with a small kitchen knife. Or you can make a template with your motif, lay it on the modeling clay and cut with the knife outside.

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