Saturday, January 28, 2017

DIY Heart Bath Bombs

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The directions for this post are in Greek, you can change it to English at the top right of the page (I also posted it below)............Just a note that Google translate isnt perfect but you will get the gist of it.

Aromatic bombs for the bath in heart shape!
  1. Step One : In a large bowl mix all dry ingredients in a smaller liquid us.
  2. Step Two : Put our fluids inside the solid and with arms stir. The objective is shaping a small amount to us to keep the shape . If not add holds the minimum refreshing water!
  3. Step third : Put this mixture in silicone molds m ezontas very well with Rings t yl every thikoula.
  4. Personal vehicles! We need to put the whole mixture in the molds while they are still wet. If you let it dry.
  5. Allow to dry oh Sun for 24 hours and then removed from the molds

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