Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Turn An Old Blanket Into A Comfy Rug

(Spanish Instructions)

Please note some words never translated properly and the English grammar is off but u can get the jest of it. 

You will need
Minimum 7 blankets
Elastic rubber bands

  1. Cut 6 of your 7 blankets into strips approximately 20 cm wide.
  2. Braid the first strips Tie 3 strips together with an elastic band, make a braid with them and at the end tie it with another elastic band
  3. Braid all strips
  4. Now you must twist the rest of the strips you have cut in the same way
  5. Cut the "cloth thread"
  6. Cut the last blanket that you had in much thinner strips, about 1 cm wide.
  7. Join the braids
  8. Now you must join the braids together, using the finite strips that you have cut as "thread".
  9. First put two braids together, tie a narrow strip on the top of one of the braids and see it going from one braid to another to join them, as seen in the image.
  10. When you reach the end, tie the narrow strip at the end of one of the braids.
  11. Finish joining all the braids
  12. Little by little you have to join all the braids together to complete your carpet.
  13. If you do not like how the elastic strips are, you can replace them with finite strips, and thus hold the beginning and end of each braid. In this joining process you will have to adjust all the braids so that they are of the same length.
  14. At the end you will have an original carpet made at home

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