Friday, August 6, 2021

Just The Facts Jack And A Few Giggles :)

  • There is an addiction to mobile phones and it’s called nomophobia.....Around 200,000 million human beings suffer from this phobia and as the fear of certain people who are afraid to leave their home without their mobile phone. There is also another term, “ringxiety” that is used to describe the feeling of hearing the phone when it is actually not ringing, and another one called, “phubbing“, which describes the behaviour of a person who ignores everything around him/her (including human beings) due to the use of the mobile phone.
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  • Three Presidents Died on July 4th. 
  • 1...Thomas Jefferson – Jul 4, 1826
  • 2...John Adams – July 4 1826
  • 3..James Monroe – July 4, 1831
  • President Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4th, 1872, putting him forever into the history books. Tom Cruise starred in the movie Born on the Fourth of July; that really has nothing to do with Independence Day, but the title works for this post. His birthday is July 3rd. 
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  • Pet parrots can be incredible if demanding friends, but for people more accustomed to fluffy mammalian companions, they can present some unexpected challenges. The long-lived, intelligent and highly social birds need especially high amounts of attention and enrichment, or else they can pick up bad habits and find themselves bored and stressed to the point where they pluck out their own feathers. 
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  • The ‘coffee bean’ as we know it is the pit of a coffee cherry, the berries from which the process of delivering great coffee begins. They are called beans due to their shape and are technically seeds that will grow if planted in the right conditions. 
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  • LEGO is one of the most popular, and best-selling, toys of all time and is a household name all over the world. It’s fun for children and adults of all ages and has an incredible history dating back over 80 years. See the list below for some incredible, interesting, and fun facts about LEGO or download the entire 32 worksheet pack which can be utilised within the classroom or home environment. 
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  • The  first vision aid was invented around 1000 AD. It was called a reading stone – a small glass sphere that was placed on top of small letters and texts to magnify them for easy reading. Wearable eyeglasses can be traced back to Italy around 1284. The first eyeglasses were simply glass lenses mounted on heavy frames that were held up manually or worn on the nose. These frames were made of natural materials like wood, copper, leather and bone. 
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  • Dogs suffer from jealousy and are just as likely to turn into a green eyed monster as humans, according to scientists in California. Researchers studied 36 dogs from 14 breeds and found that most were indifferent when their owners ignored them until the owners showered their attention on a stuffed dog. 
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  • Barbers were originally known as barber surgeons who could perform minor surgical procedures such as bloodletting or pulling teeth.  They could also bathe, cut hair and shave patrons. Source

  • Having breakfast probably won't boost your metabolism. A three–year, randomized controlled trial at the University of Bath in England found that eating breakfast did not affect participants' resting metabolic rate. This 2014 study, called the Bath Breakfast Project, contradicts less rigorous studies that showed a metabolic boost. 
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  • Same Reason You Turn The Radio Down When You're Looking For The Number On A House......Lmao!!!

  • They Use Grooming To Strengthen Relationships.....For monkeys, picking bugs, dirt, and other debris off their companions is far from an indictment of their personal hygiene — it's an expression of affection and love. Grooming rituals not only keep monkeys healthy, they also strengthen their social bonds. 
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