Sunday, December 19, 2021

10 Reclaimed Wood And Pallet Christmas Decor Ideas

It amazes me how someone can take a piece of wood or a pallet and make a whimsical cute Christmas item. I wish I had that talent.....I Hope You Enjoy Them :)

So I had some extra wood lying around, and my sister and I decided to make a snowman family. They turned out PRETTY cute! CONTINUE READING >>HERE<<

Add some farmhouse charm to your front yard this holiday season with a rustic, wooden Christmas tree. CONTINUE READING >>HERE<< 

I had seen some Christmas Trees on Pinterest that were made from reclaimed wood and old pallets and I thought they were cute. I wanted to give it a go but wanted to add my own flare to them. The ones I had seen were just a little too plain Jane for my taste. So, using pallet wood, mod podge, napkins, buttons and some Wildflowers & Pistols Milk Paint I created my version of the Pallet Wood Christmas Tree :) CONTINUE READING >>HERE<<

4...Use A Pallet To Make A Corner Wall Christmas Tree
I found this on Pinterest and for the life of me I cant find any instructions for it so if anyone knows the original source please let me know in the comment section, Thank you :)

I’m embarrassed to admit, I can’t remember the last time I decorated outdoors for Christmas. Much of that has to do with the front door and side windows needing paint. And the concrete needing work. And the whole outside needing… a good farmhouse experience. Or something. Or a pretty for sale sign on the front yard would work wonders… When things aren’t up to par, they don’t make for great backgrounds! So as I was glancing around my festive, surrounding neighbour’s front porches of cute toboggans and pretty greens, I looked at my own mess, called myself a scrooge, and vowed to change that this year. With a Scrooge-less reclaimed wood Christmas tree and star for the front porch! CONTINUE READING >>HERE<< 

Good Wednesday Morning everyone! Thanksgiving came and went and I am now up to my ears in Christmas ornaments, scattering them throughout the house in every bowl, vase, and lantern I can get my hands on. Tis the season, right?! In the midst of all my indoor decorating, my husband stayed outside stringing the lights around each door and window. And when he finished that, he moved on to a new lawn ornament for the holidays. Adam has been wanting to do a pallet project for months now, and we finally decided on something we would both enjoy... a wood pallet Christmas tree. And we made it for a whopping $4! Inexpensive projects are truly my favorite ones! CONTINUE READING >>HERE<<

We are all great fans of festivals as they are way to promote our culture, to bring the cultural harmony and also to feel the freedom! We try our best to manifest our inner love and happiness for festivals about to come! The best way to express your feeling for the festivals is to decorate your home and surroundings with respective decors, signs and symbols related to that celebration! Now your festival is to come and these DIY wooden pallet trees would perform as best ever decor for that! CONTINUE READING >>HERE<<

8...Pallet Snowman
I found this on Pinterest and for the life of me I cant find any instructions for it so if anyone knows the original source please let me know in the comment section, Thank you :) 

Hello friends! It’s Marie from Blooming Homestead and I am excited to be here at Live Laugh Rowe to share this pretty DIY Woodland Sign. I adore cozy winter decor and I love decorating for the holidays. Sometimes it feels as though I am rushing to decorate from one holiday to another so I love when I can find fun pieces that work for a whole season. CONTINUE READING >>HERE<<

This easy craft will add some modern yet rustic charm to your holiday decor. You will need: Several boards from broken down pallets/hammer/stiff wire brush/gloves/saw/ measuring tape/carpenter's square screwdriver or drill with screwdriver bit/1 inch craft screws/white latex paint/water/paint brush/newspaper or drop cloth. Break pallets apart carefully and 10 good pieces from the top and bottom of the pallets. Look for pieces with character including knots and roughness. Clean the pieces by gently scraping them with the wire brush. Brush away any debris. CONTINUE READING >>HERE<<

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