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When Did People Start Making Snowmen Plus 6 Snowmen Christmas Crafts And Recipes

Snowman making has been discovered to have gone as far back as the middle ages but because humans are creative beings they probably took advantage of the snow that fell from the heaven's above ever since mankind existed. The book 'The history of the snowman' the author Bob Eckstein notes that the earliest known depiction of a snowman was from the book 'Book of Hours' from 1380 (the illustration is very anti-Semitic) 

Building a snowman was away for the community to find some happiness in a horrible oppressive winter that was full of starvation, poverty and other life-threatening conditions. In 1511 the people of Brussels would gather together to construct over 100 snowmen for the public art installation known as the Miracle of 1511 and this was also covered in Eckstein's book 'The history of the snowman'. With 6 weeks of below zero weather and the Belgians dissatisfaction with the political climate of the time their snowmen would embody that feeling. They made their anxieties into life like models like a defecating demon or a humiliated King and don't forget about the womenfolk getting buggered every which way you can think of but besides your typical sexual graphic and politically rifle caricatures Belgian snowmen were often parodies of folklore figures such as mermaids, village idiots and unicorns.

The earliest known photograph of a snowman was taken in 1853 by Welsh photographer Mary Dillwyn, the original of which is in the collections of the National Library of Wales.

Even famous artists made snowmen and in 1494 Michaelangelo was commissioned by the ruler of Florence Italy to sculpt a snowman in his mansion's courtyard.

The snowman's place in our traditional Christmas diversions along with horse-drawn sleighs and ice skating became more popular when Prince Albert showed the English people the fun of his German Christmas traditions and because Germany is colder and has more snow than England that's how they believe snowmen became synonymous with Christmas.

Probably the most famous snowman is 'Frosty the Snowman' who appears in a Christmas song of the same name. The song was written in 1950 by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins. It was recorded in 1953 by the American singer Perry Como and became very popular. A film called Frosty the Snowman was made in 1969 and told the story of a magical snowman who came to life and became best friends with a little girl. 

Snowmen Christmas Crafts And Recipes

One time when I was in Las Vegas I saw in a gift shop a 'Las Vegas snowman snow globe' and it was the cutest thing ever. It was just water, glitter, a scarf and a carrot with little black pieces of coal and this craft reminded me of it. The only difference is it's not a snow globe but an ornament and they used salt instead of glitter and water. The best part of this craft is all the supplies you need are available at the Dollar Tree. (Source)

When I first saw this snowman made from fish bowls I thought why didn't I think of that. Most off the supplies you need are available at the Dollar Tree which is awesome because who doesn't like saving money and you could even use your favorite ornaments from your childhood or your grandmother's. The choices are endless. (Source)

These snowmen are the cutest things ever and the kids can help you make them. Your children could also give them as gifts for their teachers and their friends at school. Or the children can make them for the extended family when they come and visit at Christmas time. (Source)

This craft is really easy to do and of course all you need to start with is a Dollar Tree fishbowl vase. This would look cute with a large poinsettia flower just sitting on top of it (as if the poinsettia was the lid) or you can use it as a tea candle holder. (Source)

I love crafts from repurposed items and when I found this one I thought wow baby jars aren't just for dads nuts and bolts in the garage anymore or your mom's extra spices that didn't fit in her spice jars. To make this craft all you need is paint from the Dollar Tree and of course the empty baby food jars. You can also make Rudolph and Santa Claus or a gingerbread one. The Christmas theme choices are endless. (Source)

The kids will love these snowmen cookies and they can even help decorate them with edible markers. Your children can even give them as gifts to teachers and their friends at school and they'll be a hit with your dinner guests at Christmas time. (Source)

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